The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World

Most hotel rooms should ideally include a vault, a small table, a closet, a bed and air conditioning or climate control and a suite bathroom.

Other facilities in the hotel room can be a television, a telephone, internet connectivity, alarm clock, drinks and snack food in a mini-bar.

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These are the basic offers that you can get for $ 50,000? Let’s see:

1. Geneva, President Wilson Hotel, Royal Penthouse Suite, $ 53,000 – 

Hotel President Wilson-Expensive Hotel Rooms
Hotel President Wilson-Expensive Hotel Rooms

This suite is located on the upper floor of this grand hotel. It has six superbly designed bathrooms with mosaic marble floors, four bedrooms, a terrace and a cocktail lounge.

The suites feature bulletproof windows that offer breathtaking views of the city from the top.

2. New York, Four Seasons Hotel, Ty Warner Penthouse, $ 34,000 – 

This suite is located in the longest floor number 52 in New York. It was designed by great architect Peter Marino, IMPE.

You can relax by playing the grand piano in the library or relax in the bath from the Central Park side. See a waterfall in the Zen room or get gorgeous spa treatments.

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3. Tokyo, Ritz-Carlton, President Suite $ 25,000 – 

This President Suite is located on the 53rd floor, which is a spectacular view of the Ropongi hills and the outer gardens of the royal palace. The 3300 square feet suite has a magnificent marble bathroom.

This is the best bath with Sony’s 20-inch flat-screen TV, which can be imagined. Other facilities at the suite include master bedroom, fitness facilities include four-poster beds and access to the indoor pool.

4. Ritz-Carlton Moscow, Ritz-Carlton Suite $ 18,200 –

This suite offers a wonderful view of Christ’s Cathedral, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, and the Kremlin. The 2,500-square-foot suite has a large dining area, library, grand piano, office room, living room, hot floor and boardroom.

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5. Cannes, the Penthouse Suite, The Martinez Hotel $18,000 – 

This is the largest, luxurious and most expensive penthouse suite in the Martinez Hotel, with suites included DVD libraries, open bars, plasma screen television, a jacuzzi, kitchen and 24/7 private butler on your service.

There are also teak wood ceiling flooring, well-appointed furniture and silk curtains.

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