You can not touch it, you can not eat it, and you can not see it. So why do people enjoy so many music? So much the fact that they spend billions of dollars every year recording and buying equipment to play it back.

Music-Listen Music
Music-Listen Music

Do you remember the first time that you have heard the music? Maybe not In fact it is very likely that you were born before music for the first time – music produced by the body of your mother.

When you were a child inside your mother, then there was very little to see, feel, taste or smell. You had an active emotion hearing. Inside the womb, a child breathes and breathes his mother’s heart. Children can also hear the voice outside the mother, like the conversation between mother and father.

When your mother was resting, her heart slowly and regularly got trapped in the way. But if he gets excited, his heart and breath will increase and his body will create adrenaline – hormones which temporarily provide extra energy and strength, you hear and feel the heart beat and breath of your mother and It will also be affected by its adrenaline.

Perhaps this is the reason why music is called the international language, a language that all people understand.

Slow music promotes a sense of comfort, well-being and well-being. It is used in lifts so that people are almost quiet. The sharp rhythms move us fast, that is why light, fast-paced music is used in stores – we have to actively look at products and buy more. Very fast and strenuous music stimulates us, attacks, and excites us to think that a military march, rock music loudly, or the climax of 1812 Overture can beat our own heart rapidly.

The doctor advises to lay a child crying on his mother’s chest. Why? That’s why children can hear familiar, calm and safe voice with such music from their ears.

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