Nokia Introduces Symbian ANNA

Recently Nokia has launched a new software update called Symbian Anna, and immediately after its launch, has to update its mobile software publicly. So if you have a Symbian based mobile then you can upgrade to ANNA version.

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Symbian Anna-Nokia Updates
Symbian Anna-Nokia Updates

For all supported device lists just visit the Nokia official website and select your piece when it is present in the list. After this update, your mobile will be easy to use because Nokia claims to open and close the application.

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One of Nokia’s representatives said, “We have launched anna for a faster and better experience with your current mobile.” It comes with a better calendar like additional security features and system calendars.

Even after the upgrade, you will have a new home screen on your mobile that will interface with you faster than the old version of Nokia Mobile Software. Check your battery life before renewing through mobile, because some time is required to download the upgrade file on your mobile.

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