Believe in Yourself!

When you feel a little disappointed, remember what these people did, when everyone saw them as failures.

Isaac Newton-Great Scientist
Isaac Newton-Great Scientist

Believe in yourself!!!

Einstein was 4 years old before speaking.

Isaac Newton was poor at the grade school and was considered “unhappy”.

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When Thomas Edison was a little child, his teacher told him that he was stupid to know anything. He was advised to go to an area where he could succeed on the basis of his pleasant personality.

FW Woolworth got a job in a dry shop at the age of 21, but his master would not allow him to wait for customers because he did not have enough understanding to “stop the sale.”

Michael Jordan was cutting off from his high school basketball team.

Bob QC, a great Boston Celtic basketball player, suffered the same fate, but he is also a Hall of Fameer.

A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney because he was “lacking imagination and no original idea.”

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Winston Churchill failed in the sixth grade and had to repeat it because he did not complete the exams which were necessary for the promotion.

Babe Ruth hit 1,300 times, a major league record.

One person can make a mistake, but he does not fail until he starts blaming anyone else. We should believe in ourselves, and with the way of life we ​​will meet someone who sees greatness in us and let us know.

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