Surprising Facts About Software Professionals

10% of software professionals are predicted to be influenced by major diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cardiovascular disease etc.

Software Professionals
Software Professionals

20% of software professionals marry their colleagues

30% of the software professionals are interested in live relationships because they hate responsibility in both the office and the house

About 40% of software professionals are confused about settling down (India or abroad)

50% of Software Professionals have no savings in their bank accounts

60% of software professionals are not satisfied with their current salary

70% of the software professionals work more than 8 hours worldwide

80% of the software professionals are away from their parents

9 0% Software Professionals are not happy about their life, meeting deadlines, customer satisfaction, incentives, promotions, increments, onsite visits, wife, children, visa status and commitments.

100% of software professionals believe that at least in their lifetime there was no other alternative than computers in their life.

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