The Longest Word in the English Language

Do you know what is the longest word in the English language?

Hint: Is it a mile long?

Smiling Face of a Child
Smiling Face of a Child

Probably it is not what you think. In fact, the longest word in the English language has only six letters, this is the word …….


If you carefully observe that there is a ‘mile’ between the first and last letters.

Now a few facts about smiley:

Smiles take a long way (sharing more than a mile), it can illuminate someone’s day, it’s an easy way to share the blessings of God with joy.

Once Mother Teresa was asked once that what people have to do now to live a better life, and she said, ‘smile on each other, smile at your wives, smile at your husbands, smile on your children, everyone Smile please ‘.

You know, this frowns 43 muscles and smiles for only 17 smiles if you smile at each other, you are sharing God’s blessings and happiness.

So you see that it makes a little effort to make your day!

Harvilas Meena

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