Interesting Things – The World’s Scariest Bridges

All bridges provide an objective, whether utility or inspirational. And some of them add an important element of fear. But you do not have to live in the remote part of the world, there are scary bridges in all shapes, sizes and altars everywhere. And cross over them, the ultimate adventure travel. So get ready for your fear or maybe you find your next adventure with our list of the world’s most trusted bridges.

Aiguille du Midi Bridge (France)

Where: Summit of Aguilay du Midi in Mont Blanc Mauss near Chamonix

Statistics: 12.605 meters above sea level.

World's Scariest Bridges
World’s Scariest Bridges

do not look down. At this height you would like to keep your eyes on the panorama of the rugged French Alps. Fortunately, the bridge itself is small, which survives for a simple, if Vertigo is set. But in reality the fear of heights is not even a bridge, then the traveling cable car should be 9,200 meters in 20 minutes.

Royal George Bridge (Colorado)

Where: Royal George, Colorado on the Arkansas River

Statistics: 969 feet above the valley, 1,260 feet long.

Royal George Bridge-World's Scariest Bridges
Royal George Bridge-World’s Scariest Bridges

America’s highest suspension bridge may be breathtaking for some, but for the wind, vertical left gasing can be done because it has gone below 90 stories downright on the Arkansas River. Completed in 1929, the bridge did not stabilize the cable until 1982.

Trift Suspension Bridge (Switzerland)

Where: Flow Glacier near the city of Gdańsk in the Swiss Alps

Statistics: 328 feet high, 558 feet long.

Trift Suspension Bridge-World's Scariest Bridges
Trift Suspension Bridge-World’s Scariest Bridges

One of the longest and highest pedestrian suspension bridges in the Alps, was the grassland in 2004, which was built by the retreating glacier to enter the reclaimable hut. In 2009, a replacement, this bridge stabilized high-handrails and cables to prevent violent swinging in the air. But there is still an adrenaline crowd.

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge (Northern Ireland)

Where: near Bolintoi, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Statistics: 65 meters long, below 100 feet above rocks.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

First things: no one has fallen this bridge. However, many visitors who are unable to easily come back on the foot and want to travel by boat. Earlier it was a repressive act. Built by fishermen, the island was catching Salmon, the original bridge had only one handrail. The suspension bridge was eventually popular with tourists, who changed a thrill, and the National Trust with another strong structure with two handrails.

Puente de Ojuela (Mexico)

Where: A old mining settlement in the ghost town of Ojuela, northern state of Durango, Mexico.

Statistics: 1,043 yards distance, 2 meters wide, 360 feet above a stretch.

Puente de Ojuela Bridge
Puente de Ojuela Bridge

This bridge leads to a ghost town, but it is a squawk wood floor, which makes it scary. Fortunately, steel cables suspended from two towers, a big feeling of shelter. Still, steel is a relatively new addition: when the German engineer Santiago Minhuguin built this bridge in the 19th century, the towers were made from wood.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge (Maryland)

Where: Chaspack Bay Maryland to spread east and west shores

Statistics: Approx 5 miles tall, 186 feet high at its highest point.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Drivers are notoriously afraid of this bridge because it is exposed to frequent and often violent storms. And if bad weather hits, forget the visibility: between this five mile long bridge and you can barely see the ground.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge (Pakistan)

Where: In Husseini village across the Hussein River in northern Pakistan.

Statistics: Floodwaters allegedly dipped the bridge, 2010. Due to its paint, a popular adventure travel activity, the bridge is expected to be rebuilt.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge
Hussaini Hanging Bridge

The huge difference between the boards, in favor of a wild swing side: is considered to be one of the most shocking suspension bridges in the world. During the cable and wooden bridges in general, crossing the bridge over the fast flowing river, Hanja is particularly troubled after the torn remains of the East Bridge, next to the hanging of the specially used thread.

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